In this conversation, Michelle Mantor, the publisher of Pet Talk Magazine, discusses the early days of the magazine, the creation of the beloved character Henrietta, and the challenges of print publishing. Join the ecco the dolphin online community and play the game with other enthusiasts. Share your progress, chat with other players, and compete in challenges.

She also shares stories about her own pets, including her dog Jetta and her horses and llamas. Michelle highlights the unique aspects of Pet Talk Magazine and its commitment to promoting animal welfare and education. She also mentions upcoming issues of the magazine, including a special feature on the Houston SPCA’s 100th anniversary.


00:00 The Early Days of Pet Talk Magazine
03:20 Introducing Henrietta
06:33 Henrietta’s Antics and Adventures
09:47 Growing Pet Talk Magazine
12:37 The Challenges of Print Publishing
16:23 The January-February Issue and Jetta the Dog
20:54 Michelle’s Unusual Animal Choices: Horses and Llamas
32:08 Training Challenges with Llamas
42:02 Encounters with Snakes and Copperheads
44:23 Upcoming Issues of Pet Talk Magazine

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