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Sixty Four is a brand-new game from Playsaurus, the creators of Clicker Heroes and Cookie Clicker, released yesterday on March 4th. It’s a different type of idle game where you create a factory and learn about two unknown characters through a immersive campaign taking place in the form of chat messages between the two people, who you will learn more about as you progress. The game’s premise is pretty simple. You have to mine blocks to gather resources that you can use in the game to buy things that will help speed up your mining process, or give you more resources. In the end, you will have a massive factory of machines working together.

In this exciting new adventure, you are alone, in a completely blank and empty white void of nothing other than extracting channel, which sends you down into the depths of the void. From there, you find some unknown materials shaped as cubes, and you begin mining these blocks to build a facility. As you progress deeper and deeper down, some materials will become scarce, while new materials become more common. And while you’re doing this, you are at the same time using the resoucres you’ve gathered to build machinery that will help you mine further resources. You have no idea where you are, no idea who you are, and no idea why you’re here. All that you know is that you must continue mining, hoping to make some sense of this and figure out why on earth you’re in a void to begin with. The only thing that matters to you is the truth being revealed.

This game is usually $5.99 on Steam, but Playsaurus is currently doing a launch sale that makes the game 10% off, bringing it down to $5.39. This offer will end on March 11th, so you have 6 more days to get this newly relased game while it is currently on sale! If you miss out on the sale, don’t worry, the game is rather cheap and the $5.99 ($6) price tag is very, very resonable for an idle game such as this one. I definitely recommend picking this game up when you get the chance, it is definitely worth your time and money.

(Thank you to Playsaurus for hooking me up with a review copy!)

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