Playing Hogwarts Legacy… yup!

Let’s try streaming everyday for a whole year in 2023.

List of current ongoing series:
Genshin Impact (Last/Current Stream 668) (hiatus)
Guild Wars 2 (Last/Current Stream 75) (hiatus)

If you do happen to enjoy my streams, well thank you. I see myself as a hobbyist streamer, I am not doing it for popularity or money. My streams are more of a digital archive of my gaming history.

I have a GoXLR now. I think next I want to get is an Elgato and then I can finally stream Nintendo Switch games. I want to play the new Kirby game on stream.

Let’s Try Streaming every game in my Steam Library:
Total games in Library: 330
Total games streamed: 93
List of games streamed: (How much finished on stream) (NSGSL = Non-Steam Game in Steam Library)

1. Black Mesa (Steam Workshop content only)
2. Back 4 Blood (All of main story mode to date)
3. Sven Co-op (N/A several hours worth)
4. Garry’s Mod (N/A mostly prop hunt mode)
5. Poke646 (finished) (NSGSL)
6. Poke646: Vendetta (finished) (NSGSL)
7. Crack-Life: Campaign Mode (finished) (NSGSL)
8. Half-Life Randomizer (unfinished) (NSGSL)
9. Timeline Remod – Prologue (finished) (NSGSL)
10. Timeline Remod II – Iced Earth (finished) (NSGSL)
11. Big Lolly (finished) (NSGSL)
12. Jamie’s Mod (unfinished) (NSGSL)
13. Someplace Else (finished) (NSGSL)
14. SCP: Secret Laboratory (N/A just a little bit)
15. Half-Life: Echoes (finished) (NSGSL)
16. Timeline Remod III – Heart of Darkness (unfinished) (NSGSL)
17. Poppy Playtime (finished all content to date)
18. Omori (finished)
19. Crab Game (N/A just a little bit)
20. To The Moon (unfinished)
21. Agony Unrated (unfinished)
22. Imposter Factory (finished)
23. Pokemon Uranium (unfinished) (NSGSL)
24. Gunman Chronicles (unfinished) (NSGSL)
25. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension (finished)
26. Shatter (finished)
27. Happy’s Humble Burger Farm (finished)
28. Half-Life 2: Update (unfinished)
29. Halfquake Trilogy (finished first two unfinished third)
30. PickCrafter (N/A)
31. Clicker Heroes (N/A)
32. Cookie Clicker (N/A)
33. Solasta: Crown of The Magister (finished)
34. Industria (finished)
35. Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous (unfinished)
36. Catastrophe Crow (unfinished) (NSGSL)
37. Guild Wars 2 (ongoing) (NSGSL)
38. Vampire Survivors (N/A)
39. Peggle Deluxe (finished)
40. Peggle Nights (finished)
41. Peggle Extreme (finished)
42. Carrion (finished)
43. Half-Life: Source (finished)
44. Half-Life: Restored (finished)
45. Gabe Newell Simulator (only watched tutorial)
46. Entropy : Zero (unfinished)
47. Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. (finished)
48. Doog (finished) (NSGSL)
49. Elden Ring (finished)
50. Domina (Unfinished)
51. Cooking Companions (finished)
52. Ghostwire: Tokyo (finished)
53. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe (finished)
54. Acquitted (unfinished)
55. Rimworld (N/A)
56. Shadow Warrior Classic Redux (unfinished)
57. Shadow Warrior (finished)
58. Counter Strike (N/A)
59. Kreedz Climbing (N/A)
60. Dread X Collection (finished 6 out of 10 games)
61. Dread X Collection 2 (finished 9 out of 12 games)
62. Dread X Collection 3 (finished 10 out of 12 games)
63. Half-Life (finished)
64. Half-Life: Opposing Force (finished)
65. Half-Life: Blue Shift (finished)
66. Half-Life: POV – Point of View (finished)
67. Hunt Down The Freeman (finished)
68. The Anacrusis (N/A)
69. Enter The Backrooms (finished?)
70. Tabletop Simulator (N/A)
71. HoloCure (N/A) (NSGSL)
72. Escape Simulator (unfinished)
73. Apex Legends (N/A)
74. The Henry Stickmin Collection (finished)
75. Estranged: Act 1: (finished)
76. The Looker (finished)
77. Stray (finished)
78. Chivalry 2 (N/A)
79. Entropy : Zero 2 (finished)
80. The Mortuary Assistant (finished)
81. Choo-Choo Charles (finished)
82. Marvel Snap (N/A)
83. Jabroni Brawl: Episode 3 (N/A)
84. My Name is Mayo (finished)
85. My Name is Mayo 2 (finished)
86. My Name is Mayo 3 (finished)
87. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (unfinished)
88. Axiom Verge (finished)
89. Axiom Verge 2 (finished)
90. Garten of Banban (finished)
91. High On Life (finished)
92. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (finished)
93. Hogwarts Legacy (ongoing)