There is 1e80 atoms in the universe. Clicker Heroes level 100000 boss has 2.504e20880 hit points. Imagine size of that monster if each hit point was represented by one atom. A boss of a size of how many universes?
Make your atoms count!

I like the 2nd level inception this game introduced recently in form of Transcendent Power. Here is my analogy to life: the longer you work on a project the better it becomes. There are always things to improve on, it is never perfect. The end goal is not as important as the journey itself. It helps you gain skill. You level up in real life. At some point the rate of progress slows down. Project is reaching final form and its creator is learning fewer things than at the beginning. When project is good enough it is time to abandon it, move on to a new one – this is Ascension. With knowledge from previous project and all the tools acquired (Gilded levels, Ancients) the work on new project is going faster and you are able to achieve more than it was previously possible. You went through your live and completed multitude of projects. At the end of your journey you may wonder if you could have achieved more. You don’t have to wander. Transcendence allows you to start again in a parallel universe, with slightly altered genes.

What would you do differently in your life if you had a chance to re-live it?

[spoilers below] After level 99999 there are too many digits to fit in the user interface. Top right bar zone icons show only first 5 digits (10000 instead of 100001)

There is no real game ending – the last boss is the one after which you no longer want to play. There is always a way to continue, even when next goal may appear to be beyond the reach.