Clicker Heroes Guide for New Players

Clicker Heroes Guide

Going on a virtual adventure is always exciting. Especially so, when the title in question is renowned for being incredibly addicting. Exploring dark dungeons, earning great rewards, and acquiring powers naturally feels wonderful. But more often than not, gamers end up somewhat frustrated after hours of playtime. Had they learned certain information sooner, they could have saved themselves lots of grief. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some basic research before diving right in. Unfortunately, looking for useful advice is usually troublesome. For instance, finding a helpful Clicker Heroes guide online is harder than it should be. This article aims to solve the problem once and for all. It provides all the essential tips to prepare newcomers for their journeys.

The Battle Rages On

Clicker Heroes Guide for New Players

For those unfamiliar with the premise, here’s the gist. The goal of this idle RPG is to slay monsters by clicking on them. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes and gradually become stronger. This is where the true nature of the gameplay reveals itself:

  • Kill foes and collect the coins they drop
  • Spend the earnings on hiring fighters and upgrading them
  • Combine automatic combat with manual attacks to defeat bosses
  • Continue maximizing DPS, entering new zones, and winning challenging encounters

The process is oddly satisfying and enthralling. But at some point, challengers experience a significant difficulty increase. Overcoming it is not particularly straightforward. In that case, the suggestions below might help.

Using Clicker Heroes Guide to Play Like a Pro

Using Clicker Heroes Guide

When it comes to making steady progress, reaching a plateau is incredibly frustrating. In this game, nothing is worse than being stuck fighting the same mobs. Unfortunately, beating a legendary creatures within the time limit is impossible without sufficient military strength. There are several ways to break the vicious cycle. First of all, consider simply letting the app run in the background. Do something else, return in a bit, reinvest the income and improve the characters. Alternatively, disable the auto progression function and go several levels back. Annihilate weaker opponents with ease and gain tons of resources. Then purchase the necessary enhancements and take sweet revenge. Finally, there is the option of buying performance-boosting gems with real money. Although it’s not as fun, it definitely produces solid results.

Hopefully, this free Clicker Heroes guide has set beginners on the right track. With this knowledge, nothing can stop aspiring adventurers from achieving victory. Time to sharpen those swords and face terrifying abominations as a fearless warrior. Smash Karts is the ultimate online racing game. Ready to start your engines?