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Welcome to Bearverse war idle RPG clicker games! These idle role playing games have a touch of battle chess, where you need to build your own strategy. And, of course, a valuable option of RPG idle offline playing!

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Lead a team of bears into thrilling battles!

The world as we knew it has ended, and bears have found themselves in an icy wasteland. But those who have survived refuse to accept their tragic fate! In the depths of the ice, a legendary flying city was discovered – Wegg. With the help of their friends, bears repair and launch the city into the air, setting out on an epic adventure to end the eternal winter.

Level up and evolve your bears to make them even stronger. Help them achieve their dreams and reignite the sun. In this battle chess, you will lead a team of bears into thrilling battles against other players in PvP and PvE modes:

Explore endless opportunities with 11 clans and 6 classes to choose from

Collect and train 198 unique 3D bears, each with their own characteristics and abilities

Assemble a team of bears with diverse skills to lead into battle

Play RPG idle offline

Enjoy rich stories and epic battles!

Bearverse is an epic combination of idle games, RPG elements, and pocket auto chess games. Such an epic auto battler with a rich story and endless options for character development! Become fully engrossed in the dieselpunk wasteland of the Bearverse universe.

Use your resources wisely to affect the outcome of each battle. Breed new bears using the ones you already have and grow your army. Craft and improve items to equip your bears for battle and earn money by selling the bears and items you have bred and crafted.

You will love our bear heroes auto chess war game!

Easy to pick up and play: In these idle role playing games the mechanics are easy to understand, so you can start playing right now instead of spending a lot of time learning the game.

Collectible aspect: Collect and train a large variety of bears, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics, which adds a touch of strategy and excitement to the game.

Deep Lore and Story: Our idle RPG clicker games come with rich stories and lore you will immerse yourself in and become a part of the game’s world.

Character development: Upgrade and improve your bears by giving them a unique feeling of progression and achievement.

Idle-playing feature: Progress in the game even when you are not actively playing! Our idle system allows earning resources, gold, and in-game currency while you are away, making the game more accessible and enjoyable.

Bear heroes: Bears are acknowledged as an interesting and unique choice for characters in a war game. Here, you will discover a collection of unique bears who add charm and novelty to the game.

PvP and PvE modes: Taking together, PVP and PvE modes provide more options and challenges. Choose to battle against other players or against the game’s challenges.

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